• Perfect complement to your filing systems
  • Tailored to the purpose of each form
  • Delivered at the same time as your file order
  • The visuals and printed matters are coordinated with your folders for a uniform look
  • Large choice of colors and sizes


  • Available in pressboard and vinyl in an amazing choice of color.
  • Facilitates the conversion to side storage and provides continuity in your organization.
  • Increases the number of shelf in a ranking system.
  • Available in multiple ring types including the U ring which reduces the height of a binder to 9.5 inches.


Tab folders and hanging files: a convenient and effective system
  • Helps you organize your information
  • Tested, reliable, convenient and evolving products
  • Can be customized to reflect your needs, corporate colors or your own personality!
  • Choice of printing and codification styles for different applications
  • Suitable for all filing cabinets


  • The versatility and customization in every way
  • Digital Printing of coded bands specifically suited to the task
  • Printed on sturdy and solid 8 points cardboard
  • In laminated or glossy finish
  • With or without integrated barcode
  • Apply directly to the tab of your files before delivery so you won’t lose a minute! Ready for use immediately upon receipt

Archive folder

Our archive folder – professional quality:
  • Made from 20 to 25 points printed cardboard
  • A sturdiness proven by satisfied customers for over 25 years
  • A wide choice of standard or custom colors
  • Assembled to suit your needs, with or without interior dividers
  • Practical options with Permclips fastener or the one of your choice
Your project, your storage system, our complete solution


Our expanding file pockets: To suit the volume of today and tomorrow
  • Legal, letter, metric or custom size
  • With or without flap depending on the intended use
  • A wide choice of attractive colors
Whatever your classifying needs, our range of expanding file pockets will be able to respond.